Your Partner in Efficient and Secure Importing

Arizona Customs Brokers offers comprehensive brokerage services which support the entire import process from order placement to delivery. Our global partner network and dedicated staff ensure a seamless importing experience which allows clients to focus on their core business. Our firm tracks shipments through customs by tracking all air and ocean freight. We have experts in regulations from government agencies like ATF, FDA, and EPA/DOT. We keep our clients informed of relevant legislative changes. As a member of the National Customs Brokers & Freight Forwarders Association and a certified participant in C-TPAT, we are committed to safeguarding the U.S. from terrorism and we can assist clients in obtaining C-TPAT certification which enhances border security and import efficiency.

Nationwide Customs Clearance
Importer Security Filing
Customs Bonds
Tariff Classification
Temporary Imports
Bonded Warehouse
Freight and Transportation

Our Facility

Expansive 7,500 Sq Ft Warehouse

Arizona Customs Brokers occupy a 7,500 square foot bonded warehouse with refrigeration capabilities. This means that importing volume is no longer a problem for small businesses that would like to receive a bulk price for their goods, but do not have the means to store their inventory.

Safe and Efficient Cargo Handling

Our warehouse is equipped with forklifts that are available for unloading and loading freight from our truck docks, both street-level and well.  Our facility is secure, with 24-hour closed-circuit TV surveillance, security and fire alarms that are monitored off site.

Quick Access Near Airport

Our facility is strategically located only 5 minutes from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.  Major freeways give you centralized, on-demand access to your product.  If needed, our drivers are available to make same-day local deliveries.

Our People

Expert Team, Exceptional Service

Our licensed brokers bring over 100 years of combined U.S. Customs experience, ensuring expert service tailored to your needs. Equipped with the latest technology and training, we adeptly navigate the dynamic world of importing, consistently meeting and exceeding expectations.

Personalized Client Interaction

As an independent broker, Arizona Customs Brokers guarantees direct communication with a live person during business hours. Expect prompt and attentive responses to all your emails and voicemails, ensuring a seamless and personal service experience.

Committed to Your Success

Our team at Arizona Customs Brokers takes pride in delivering comprehensive services, from classifying goods and assisting with shipping to ensuring timely deliveries. We are dedicated to providing an exceptional import experience, prioritizing your needs every step of the way.